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Hey! Good to see you here¬†ūüôā

I’m¬†Anja, a vocalist,¬†songwriter and producer (to be)¬†from the Netherlands!

In 2013 I graduated from the Conservatory of Rotterdam as a vocalist and went on a mission to¬†“find my own sound” as an artist. Sounds like a lofty goal right? Well, all I knew back then was that I wanted to do something with “electronic” music. But ….I had yet to program my first beat!

After a long search for what kind of music I wanted to make, I fell in love with vocal deep house and tropical house and started learning how to turn my loops into actual songs.

I now finish a new tune¬†each month and post weekly vlogs / blogs in which I’m sharing¬†the¬†process of¬†becoming a better songwriter and producer.¬†I used to get pretty damn paralysed by perfectionism but have decided to¬†stop¬†giving¬†so many fucks and just share my¬†real imperfect art¬†and journey with the world.

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