Allowing Sunday Slowness

November 12, 2017

I made so much music this week that I think my muse got fed up with me.

I got put in temporary music-prison.

As a result, I’m too tired to even open Ableton… let alone share a snippet of any of the 81 new song ideas I’m working on.

Today, music doesn’t want me to create it.

My voice doesn’t want me to use it.
Tutorials don’t want me to watch them.

Food doesn’t want me to make it.
And my couch doesn’t allow me to leave it.

Today my tank is empty.
Everything is going slow.
And I have no choice but to allow it.

Today I’m “normal-ing”.
Like the rest of the world does on Sundays.

With Netflix.
And my couch.

Trusting that…
If I leave all my doing alone for a day…
If I dare to take a little break from all that I must create…

That my desire will come back.
That my muse will visit again.
And that my dreams will still be there tomorrow.

Happy Slow Sunday!

Anja Kicken

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