And Then When You Breathe Fully…

January 14, 2018

And then when you breathe fully…

For the first time in a long time
You start to experience
What they talk about in all the books

When you breathe fully
And you realize
Your perceived “problem situation”

Is not a “problem”
It is merely a “situation”

When you breathe fully
And finally, you feel
A healthy distance between you and the other people
While simultaneously
Feeling more connected than ever

When you breathe fully and deeply
And you feel like all of a sudden
You’re a totally different person

When actually, you are now the most you
You are now more you than you’ve ever been

And clear
And confident
Right here in this moment

When you breathe fully
And really and deeply
You find that you are home, already home
In the center of your own existence
And with all that just is

Without any need to fix
Anything at all


PS: I did “mindful yoga” this week and it was so good! Conscious, full breathing versus shallow, restricted breathing…. hot damn, it makes all the difference. Who can relate?

Anja Kicken

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