And Then When You Breathe Fully…

And then when you breathe fully…

For the first time in a long time
You start to experience
What they talk about in all the books

When you breathe fully
And you realize
Your perceived “problem situation”

Is not a “problem”
It is merely a “situation”

When you breathe fully
And finally, you feel
A healthy distance between you and the other people
While simultaneously
Feeling more connected than ever

When you breathe fully and deeply
And you feel like all of a sudden
You’re a totally different person

When actually, you are now the most you
You are now more you than you’ve ever been

And clear
And confident
Right here in this moment

When you breathe fully
And really and deeply
You find that you are home, already home
In the center of your own existence
And with all that just is

Without any need to fix
Anything at all


PS: I did “mindful yoga” this week and it was so good! Conscious, full breathing versus shallow, restricted breathing…. hot damn, it makes all the difference. Who can relate?

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No Need To Fix What Is Beautifully Broken

“It’s safe to feel this way
No need to run away
No need to fix what is beautifully broken
You’re perfectly healing
In perfect time”

A lyric snippet of a new song I’m working on.

Recently I’ve been experiencing a lot of restlessness in my life and I’ve noticed that instead of actually using this feeling as fodder for songs, and thereby using music as a healer (I know, groundbreaking concept!) — I tend to want to run all over the place to fix said restlessness.

Oh, the irony!

Self-help books, inspiring TED talks, embarrassing apps that I shall not mention, creating more lists of goals to achieve and otherwise trying to distract or “recreate” myself so that I can bypass the things I actually feel and need to heal.

I wrote a blog a while ago about wanting music to be my best friend again.

Indeed… I want it to be my friend, my meditation and my prayer.

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2018 Lookin’ So Bright It’s Blinding My Eyes

Have a very Merry Christmas and a beautiful New Year!

I wanted to write a lovely, inspiring poem with well-wishes for 2018, but I have officially run out of words for the year.

And songs for that matter.

My muse started her Christmas break before I did!

So I’m just going to give you the summary which is:

I wish you LOVE in all forms!

‘Cause that’s where all good things come from.

And I wish that you take a proper holiday break if you need one as much as I do 😉

See you on the other side ❤

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Girls Just Wanna Slice Vocals

When I feel musically uninspired and like everything I can possibly come up with is just LAME, I start by mixing and matching sounds that other people made, and adding my own flavor to it.

Today I’m jamming with a beat from an Abletunes template, 2 samples from UNDGRND and of course my own vocal with some singing & slicing and a vocal FX rack from AfroDJMac.

What do ya think? Song potential?

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Why Is “The Minimum Viable Product” Not A Thing For Musicians?

I’ve been talking to a lot of different musicians lately and many of them said the exact same thing:

“Yeah, eventually I want to focus on making my own stuff too, but you know, I just never think it’s good enough….”.

I was like “Um yeah, I never think mine is good enough either. In fact, it probably isn’t in many ways, but I’ve started to share it anyway and trust that it will get better the more tracks I finish”.

Blank stares.

In the online producer community I’m part of (Finish More Music) we’re drilled in the mindset of allowing yourself to make a continuous stream of crappy-ass tracks, because that’s the only way you’re ever going to get to the good stuff.

But, in talking to musicians outside of that community I have noticed how NOT common that mindset still is. So many people are so freaking afraid that their music isn’t good enough that they never get past that phase of it actually not being good enough.

There is nothing more freeing than realizing that your music needs to be shit first. And that that’s OK, because it doesn’t mean that YOU are shit or that your POTENTIAL is shit.

I noticed that in talking to these musicians I almost — for a brief moment — got my old mindset back again of thinking it would indeed be better to hide in a cave for 10 more years and also quit my blog and vlog….’Cause what kind of loser do I think am I to be sharing all these crappy demos on the internet?

It’s always good to be triggered by people because it helps you realize what your core values are.

And I realized that for me being authentic, living my truth and sharing my imperfect art is always going to WIN over pretending to be someone or somewhere I’m not.

For me, being real will always be more important than being brilliant.

In fact, if “making it” as an artist would mean I have to put on a persona of perfection — I don’t want to make it.

In the business world, there is this term called “minimum viable product”: a development technique in which a new product or website is developed with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters.


In other words, the product gets made and shared with an audience WAY before it’s brilliant, mindblowing, groundbreaking, or earth-shatteringly epic.

And then, it simply grows from the imperfect, potential-having-mess that it is and gets better over time.

So for today, I am sharing with you my new “sufficient” demo.

Apart from sufficient for my current skill level, it is also poppy and groovy and feelgood and has some smooth warm summery vibes… if you’re into that kind of thing 😉

You can check it out here:

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