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The Messy Middle Of Change

I made a mini song for today. It has 2 lines of text.

“Can I just have a moment here, can I?
Can I just break down in tears tonight?”

I’m moving from Singapore back to the Netherlands tomorrow and damn…it’s sad to be leaving my friends and this beautiful island behind.

Big transitions are hard, also if you know they’re right.

My dear friend Vicky added this little note on the fridge a while ago: “Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and beautiful at the end”.

I’m somewhere between hard and messy at the moment.
But the beautiful will come.

In the meantime, I’m reminding myself that music too is my friend, and I can just put all the feels into my songs.

Check the video to hear my mini tune for the day and to see some footage of the lovely East Coast of Singapore 

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If Sneezebombing Wasn’t A Thing, It Is Now!

My flatmate totally just sneezebombed my vlog! In case you haven’t heard, that’s like photobombing but with audio (and sneezing).
If that alone isn’t reason enough to watch, I also talk about how I’ve been experimenting with 90 -minute songwriting sessions this week.
I thought that all of the “this really sucks” – feelings in the finishing stages of a song were unpreventable, but I’ve now noticed that they don’t really occur that much when I work in shorter sessions 🙂
Ear fatigue can play massive tricks on your mind.

I also share a snippet of my now-really-almost-finished song WITH vocals at the end of the vid. Next week it will be utterly-super-finished and I’ll post it here on my page! Yay!

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Defining The Box You Can Play In.

Goodness. Ever have those days where words just come out of you in an utter random order? Like, not even an actual sentence?

And no, I don’t have a hangover!
It’s just old age people. Just old age.

Kidding. Not THAT old.

Let’s just blame the humidity here in Singapore instead (this works for any problem in fact).


What I had INTENDED to share with you in today’s video, and which didn’t quite come out, is that I’m working with a set of intentional “limitations” this month to create my new song.

I’ve done this before and it’s a really fun way to both challenge myself, as well as be creative within a specific set of boundaries.

The way I’ve done this is by working with a song template from Abletunes.

At Abletunes they create fully arranged, mixed and mastered songs that you can open in Ableton to learn exactly how they were made. You can see how the instruments were layered, what parts they’re playing, which FX were used, which automation was applied and so on.

And then, you can tear the whole thing apart and use the sounds for your own projects in any way you like. Super cool.

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Who’s Got Time For Feelings Anymore?

“What should I do with all this sadness”? I asked.
“Umm…write a song about it?” He said.

I was like… “WOAH”!
Such a novel concept!

Are you saying I should express my feelings in my music?
And like… sing about the stuff that’s on my heart?

That is just BRILLIANT!!

Hehe…okay okay, I’m exaggerating a bit here.

It’s not that I forgot about this writing – songs – from – the – heart – thing entirely!

But, as a super driven songwriter-creator woman, I have found myself in this place more than once.

This place of forgetting to actually start with the ESSENCE of the music.
This odd place of not really taking the time to connect to the SOUL of the song.

Because there is simply so much to learn.

About composition, production, recording, mixing. The list goes on.

Who’s got time for feelings anymore?

So… on this lazy drowsy Sunday, I figured I would turn that around.

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New Tune Alert: Want Love!

It’s finishing week!

Okay I know, I already said that last week… But there is finishing week and then there is ACTUAL finishing week.

Finishing week means: the week I INTEND to finish my song.
Actual finishing week means: the week I ACTUALLY finish it.

The week I will actually finish it, because I have a deadline.
The week I will actually finish it, because I will hate myself more than I will hate the song if I don’t.
The week I will actually finish it, because I’m not a quitter, yo.

Finishing week MAY include mild frustration and despair and pondering about the existence (or non existence) of my talent.

ACTUAL finishing week may or may not include the 2.0 version of that, binge eating and some form of alcohol, daily.

Just kidding, just kidding.


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