Don’t Wait Till You Feel Like It!

August 20, 2017

Today I’m jamming away in my brand new home studio (read: IKEA table with laptop and controller) in the Netherlands!

This week I got back into my 90-minutes a day songwriting habit and it feels so goooooood. I fell off the bandwagon for a split second because of a new work project, but this week I kicked my ass back in gear and worked on my new song every. single. day.


What has been huge for me is realizing that I very often DON’T FEEL LIKE actually getting started on my music. Not because I don’t love doing it (it’s like my favorite thing since like forevah) BUT… because at some level there’s always that feeling of…

“Will this be any good? What if I get stuck? What if I can’t bring to life what I hear in my head? What if this-that-the-other-you-name-it-I-should-just-be-something-else-when-I-grow up-BS”

You know the drill right?


I have noticed that to combat these fears, the power of habit is just EVERYTHING.

I can’t even count the amount of times that I’ve felt so fulfilled and elated after a session that I wouldn’t even have started if I had waited until I “felt like it”.

For the things that are so dear to our hearts…
The things that we feel so vulnerable about…
The things that we SO love to create in this world but are equally so scared of…

For those things we can’t just rely on “feeling like it”.

‘Cause if we do, we’re gonna let fear win way too many times.

There’s so much more power in just DECIDING to show up for something.

Every day.
No matter if you feel like it.

Show up.
And keep the muse closely by your side 🙂

Can you relate?

(Psssst: check the video to hear a quick preview of what I’ve been working on!)

Anja Kicken

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