Getting My Feet Wet

September 3, 2017

What is your favorite deep groove house tune since like forever?

This week I’m continuing on my journey of practicing groove, deconstructing beats and basslines and resisting the INTENSE urge to add 72189 melodic and harmonic ideas before I nail the foundation of the GROOVE.

It’s hard, yo.

When I was studying at the Pop department at the Conservatory, we all resistantly admitted that some of the best Pop songs truly have only 4 chords. NOW I have to accept the fact that a lot of the house tunes I TRULY love have even less. Sometimes it’s just 1, or 2 when I’m lucky 😱.

FFS! How to deal? It can’t be that easy now, can it? Wasn’t making music supposed to be hard?

Dan Ariely (behavioral economist/psychologist) has a lot of interesting things to say about how we seem to value the results of our labor a lot more if we worked HARD putting it together.



We’re a bunch of weirdos.

But, even though I may not have to work as hard as I think I do on the harmonic and melodic elements – when it comes to making truly BADASS GROOVES THAT POP I am only just getting my feet wet!

(hence the photo… IKR)

So, as I’m now on a journey of, hopefully, becoming a groovemeister – I’m curious to hear from you! What are some epically groovy bass heavy house tracks I MUST check out? 🙂

Let me know here on my FB page! Thanks!

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