Happy Aging Everybody!

October 8, 2017

I’m turning 33 today and here’s why that makes me grateful AF.

When you grow older
You become so much more you
It’s so much easier to hear
The voice inside your head
The one that is yours
And not theirs

When you grow older
You care so much less about what people think
You don’t wonder half as much if they like you
Because instead, you ask
“Do I even like them?”

When you grow older
You realize that everyone is actually just winging it
At this thing called life
And that you have permission
To listen to your own gut first and foremost
At all times

When you grow older
You grow into who you actually are
Who you actually always already were
You grow into (wo)manhood
And it’s the most beautiful thing

When you grow older
You move on much quicker
From everything and everyone that just doesn’t quite fit
Friends, lovers, partners, jobs, opportunities

When you grow older you experience so more alignment
So much more flow
And so much more… letting go

And when you grow older, it means you’re still here
When you grow older, it means you’re still breathing
When you grow older…. it means you literally haven’t died yet

And when you haven’t, you have already won over many others for whom life was not that fortunate

In honor of my sister Lieza who never got to experience life after 33 ❤️ I love you and I’m proud of you.


Don’t take it for granted.

Anja Kicken

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