How To Be Human & Being Simultaneously

November 19, 2017

I have let go of a whole lotta things in 2017, including but not limited to countries, houses, jobs and various people.

Releasing the old to make space for the new seems to be my thing this year. And, because of that I have learned some powerful lessons for myself about the art of letting go.

In the beginning of this year, I went through a breakup.
It was a peaceful separation that we both knew was right.
And even though I didn’t initiate it, I very quickly accepted it as I knew in my soul that it was long overdue.

So this is what I would do to myself:

“Yep, I so get this. I SO know this is right. We’re not meant for each other, I always knew it. Uhu. AWESOME. Got it. Ok great, thank you for the lesson. Look at how quickly I’m over this already!! Woop woop!”.

2 hours later I get reminded of this person because of some teeny tiny thing and I curl up in a ball crying my face off in despair for the rest of the day.


It wasn’t just the crying my face off part that sucked.

What was even worse is the disappointment in myself on top of that.

Because hadn’t I decided to be over it alright already?
Didn’t I already “get” this on a deeper level?
Why can’t I skip all this pain if I already know what I KNOW – which is that it should go?

I have noticed this so often this year when it comes to letting things, or people, go.

Even though what I’ve gone through recently is far less intense, I still see the same patterns underneath it.

Which is that, as much as your BEING is telling you it’s already overdue to release the person or the thing…
It doesn’t mean your heart isn’t also falling out of your chest at the same time.
Feeling bare and exposed and raw and tender.

As much as your BEING is ready to move on….
Your HUMAN may still stalk you around for a good while with a rollercoaster of emotions.
That you just somehow are going to have to feel and deal with.

Is what I’m trying to say.

And when that happens…

You just have to be damn KIND to yourself.
To give your heart time to reorganize.
To give your mind time to recalibrate.
And to give your human time to feel good again.

Because it takes time, yo.
It does.

We are after all: HUMAN & BEING.
We are both.

And that is 100% OK ❤

Anja Kicken

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