I Wanna Be A Producer When I Grow Up

October 1, 2017


What about you?

When I started my Facebook Page I called myself a “songwriter” because that term describes best where I feel I’m at in my musical journey.

A vocalist & songwriter who is learning how to write better songs as well as how to produce said songs.

But, for the coming year, my goal is to get to a level where I feel good about actually calling myself a PRODUCER (eek!).

Now you could say that anyone that dabbles in Ableton or any other DAW could call themselves a producer in theory, so this is more about a certain quality I want to work towards.

As much as it’s not my aim to become a “sound designer” or “mix engineer” I do want to get a level where I can arrange complete tracks that have a sick groove, great sound choices, an arrangement that is interesting from A to Z and soulful sexy vocals that make it pop.

And then, I’ll send it off to a mixing/mastering engineer for the finishing touches.

I’ve been taking 1 on 1 producing lessons in the past month and it’s been quite eye-opening for me to see and hear all the things I still need to work on to get to that level.

But, as much as it’s been confronting (in a good way), it has also given me a lot of hope that yes, I CAN, in fact, do this.

When you’re learning new things, you often get that “1 step forward, 2 steps back” feeling.

But as I was working on my new track today, I could hear a huge improvement compared to my last demo.

And dang, that feels good!

I definitely need some guidance and I need to put in a whole lot more hours, but … fuck YES, I CAN get there.

It sounds scary to say but I’m gonna name it and claim it right now:


What are you claiming?

PS: Next Sunday I will have my new track finished, yay!

Anja Kicken

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