If Sneezebombing Wasn’t A Thing, It Is Now!

My flatmate totally just sneezebombed my vlog! In case you haven’t heard, that’s like photobombing but with audio (and sneezing).
If that alone isn’t reason enough to watch, I also talk about how I’ve been experimenting with 90 -minute songwriting sessions this week.
I thought that all of the “this really sucks” – feelings in the finishing stages of a song were unpreventable, but I’ve now noticed that they don’t really occur that much when I work in shorter sessions 🙂
Ear fatigue can play massive tricks on your mind.

I also share a snippet of my now-really-almost-finished song WITH vocals at the end of the vid. Next week it will be utterly-super-finished and I’ll post it here on my page! Yay!
Anja Kicken

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