Keep Going And You Will Find Your Creative Voice

When you spend 5 hours recording a 3-minute vlog and you’re still unsure if you’ve managed to get your point across 😂

So, in case I haven’t… here is my point in writing:

The creative journey is messy. Sometimes, for a long time, it can seem like you’re not getting any closer to where you want to be.

But all the exploration, all the detours, all the trying, all the failing, all the bumps in the road… I believe they’re all helping you to get closer to the essence of your unique creative voice.

At the beginning of this year, I felt I had wasted a lot of time trying to learn about music production when all of a sudden I found myself only wanting to make simple guitar songs.

I literally spent 2 months thinking I had wasted 2 years trying to learn to work with Ableton when I would have been better off practicing guitar.

But then, a while into my ‘acoustic guitar only’ phase I realized it wasn’t so much that I just wanted to write guitar songs.

It was just that I needed to write songs on guitar for a WHILE to get back to my intrinsic motivation and to realize I was simply craving to move into a simpler, more soulful musical direction (not to give up on music production itself).

But dang, that got messy and confusing and frustrating for a while!

What I wanted to share today is that I now see how all the exploration we go through on our journey is essential to grow into the core of what will become our unique creative voice.

We take with us all the skills (not to mention life experiences) we build on our journey, and it is never a waste of time.

My friend came up with a little ven diagram to illustrate this point, which you can see in the video.

In other words… let’s trust this messy process, and keep going!

Can you relate? 🙂

Anja Kicken

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