Whip Your Hair, Like You Just Don’t Care

August 6, 2017

As I just finished my demo for the month I thought to myself:

“My mix sounds like horseshit.”

You must have seen that meme about the creative process?

The “this is awesome – this is tricky – this is shit – I am shit – this might be OK – this is awesome” cycle?

Whereas last week I thought my song was the bomb diggity, right now I think it’s pretty F-ing SHIT.

I’ve vlogged about the terror of song-finishing-week before.

BUT… I’m not posting this to get hugs or feedback from you that “it’s not shit” or anything of that nature.

(Although hugs? Tempting…)

No, I’m posting this because I’m OK with thinking that it’s shit 🙂

I wasn’t able to spend as much time on my music as I normally do, because…oh well, I moved from Singapore to the Netherlands this month. Nothing big 😉

But my main point is that, aside from all the shittiness I currently perceive in this version of this track (note the nuance), I don’t go to that “I AM shit” place anymore.

And oh ma gawd…that’s SO freeing.

I’m no longer running with the “I’ll never get this” or “let’s forget about this music thing” – thoughts or God -knows – whatever – self – defeating – stories I would have told myself a few years ago.

I may currently think the song is shit, but not that my creative potential is shit.

Because I am not the song.
And I am not my art.

So, I’m just gonna not care, whip my hair and put it on my Soundcloud anyway!

The demo in question is right below!

Though I may not have motivated you just now to take listen, have I? Lol.

Maybe I should write a guide called “How NOT to pitch a song – 101” (it probably includes calling it “horseshit”, oh well)

You ARE in fact welcome to have a listen my friend. It’s poppy and energetic.

In any case…


Only Queen B wakes up like that, as we all know.

PS: I’m now officially looking for someone to help me mix/master my demos so that I can focus on what I do best, which is everything that comes BEFORE the mixdown. So, do let me know if you know someone that knows someone.

Happy remaining Sunday and don’t forget to whip your hair this week!

Anja Kicken

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