Who’s Got Time For Feelings Anymore?

June 11, 2017

“What should I do with all this sadness”? I asked.
“Umm…write a song about it?” He said.

I was like… “WOAH”!
Such a novel concept!

Are you saying I should express my feelings in my music?
And like… sing about the stuff that’s on my heart?

That is just BRILLIANT!!

Hehe…okay okay, I’m exaggerating a bit here.

It’s not that I forgot about this writing – songs – from – the – heart – thing entirely!

But, as a super driven songwriter-creator woman, I have found myself in this place more than once.

This place of forgetting to actually start with the ESSENCE of the music.
This odd place of not really taking the time to connect to the SOUL of the song.

Because there is simply so much to learn.

About composition, production, recording, mixing. The list goes on.

Who’s got time for feelings anymore?

So… on this lazy drowsy Sunday, I figured I would turn that around.

I pretty much spent the whole day in bed, making just a simple little loop in Korg Gadget on my Ipad.

I asked myself… what is the ONE thing that my heart wants to hear right now?

And it is:

“I’ll be alright.”

Curious to hear the result? Check the vid to hear the loop!

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Love, Anja

PS: And in case you’re not feeling alright right now, this song is just as much about you 🙂

Anja Kicken

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